What are the advantages of artificial rock?

We can build any size rock at any location. Using our methods, we can build virtually any shape imaginable. This enables us to design and build structures such as caves, grottos, cliffs and tunnels into our features that would be almost impossible and financially unrealistic to build using natural stone.

How long does artificial rock last?

Artificial rock is very durable and will last a lifetime with very little maintenance.

How far will you travel?

We travel Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon, depending on the project.

Will I need permits?

Most likely you will not need permits but let us find that out for you as a part of our free consultation and bidding process.

What jobs are to big or to small?

We haven't found a job too big or too small just yet.

Are you licensed?

Yes and I only work with other licensed contractors.

Can I speak to other clients?

There are several testimonials on our website and we can make a few of our clients available to speak with.

How often do you hit your bids?

Every time. It's pretty rare in our niche contracting we find surprises. If there is potential for unknown we will set your expectation from the beginning about where that surprise may come from.

What is a themed hardscape?

A themed ardscape is anything we build with out water, such as a custom wine cellar or themed game room.